• Scallywag

    Rich Amber Ale

    A velvety smooth ale with hints of caramel and stone fruit. This is the beer that made Schipper's famous.

    5.5% ABV

  • Herr X

    Vienna Lager

    A complex but elegant lager with subtle cherry and raisin aromas. 80's music nerds will be interested to note that Herr X is the B-side of Ultravox's Vienna.

    4.8% ABV

  • Chinook

    India Pale Ale

    A complex hoppy number, Chinook integrates flavours of ripe pear, fresh croissant, maple syrup, and nuts into one beautifully balanced big-bodied brew. This is the one people have been raving about.

    7.3% ABV

  • Boffin


    This slightly sweet, but easy-to-drink beer hints at tropical fruit and raisins. Created as a light lower-alcohol refreshment, this brew is perfect for people who still have work to do (or like having more than a couple).

    3.7% ABV

  • Mistress


    This is the brew you don't take home to meet your mum and dad. It's a feisty, peppery Pilsner that will remind you why you fell in love with beer in the first place. Just don't marry it.

    5.0% ABV

  • Geezer

    Session IPA

    Ah, there's no school like the old school. Golden Geezer is a classic, charismatic ale that's very hard to turn down. If you're not afraid to take a ride on the old-style wild side, this is the Schippers's beer you've been waiting for. Jump in, and he'll have you back home in time for breakfast.

    4.6% ABV

  • Maverick


    Tihs is one of thsoe beres taht was jsut mdae up with wahtveer ronadm igneridnets wree at hnad, and edned up bnieg pettry good. In fcat it's bteter tahn good - it's mganfiicnet.

    Mdee with matey hops and a big mlat bakcbone, this hgihly dirnkbale IPA semlls lkie ncetariens in a pien froest. It has the ture maverick spriit - unrohtoodx to the vrey lsat dorp.

    6.7% ABV

  • Hopricot


    It's hoppy, It's apricot-y, It's Hopricot!! The worlds first and only IPA to feature a pugilistic stone-fruit gloved marsupial on the label. But unlike a boxing kangaroo of legend, this beautiful beer doesn't whack you in the mouth with a king-hit of full fruity flavour. Rather, it imparts a delicate hint of autumnal hand-picked apricot-ness to savour and appreciate. I hop you like it. Boing! Boing!

    6.8% ABV

  • Black Chinook

    Black IPA

    It's back, but bigger and blacker than before. Our multiple award-winning Chinook IPA has been reinvented as a more mellow, maltier brew, but still with the distinctive fresh hoppy taste. It's the perfect IPA that makes a refreshing change for those wanting a couple of quiet bevies in front of a roaring fire (if it's cold) or a well-earned end-of-day restorative in the sun (if it's warm).

    5.6% ABV

  • Pothole


    If you like your ale dark and delicious, the Pothole Porter is the beer for you. This malty-roasty-super-smooth Porter is dedicated to our resident mole-slash-web-designer Kelly Milligan (that's him on the front of the label). He started out giving us a hand with the donkey work on this brew, and ended up crafting and refining it himself. The result is a tasty testament to his enthusiasm and hard graft. Well done Mate - you're an inspiration to beer-loving IT geeks everywhere.

    5.6% ABV

  • Double Chinook

    Imperial IPA

    This is our legendary Chinook IPA with everything turned up to the max. More hops, more flavour, more body, and yes, more alcohol. It's the Super-Chinook, the Chinook-Villa, the Mega-nook! It's more of everything you love, and we hope you're into it as much as we are.

    8.5% ABV

About Schipper's

In 2011 Niels Schipper was a freelance photographer, i.e. underemployed.

To stave off boredom, and armed only with a few books and a slightly obsessional nature, he decided to make some beer in his laundry. Using a chilli-bin, a tea-urn, and a lot of trial and error, Niels finally emerged with a brew that was, quite simply, beautiful.

It went on to win a big New Zealand brewing prize, and next thing he's on TV and taking calls from newspapers and magazines all around the country.

Schipper's was born, and overnight Niels had become a full-time craft beer maker.

His passion for meticulous note taking and commitment to crafting the perfect beer has now resulted in a range of premium brews to tempt every jaded palate.

Things have scaled up slightly, but one thing is still the same - every Schipper's beer is still conceived, adjusted, balanced and personally tested by Niels in that same small laundry.

About Schipper's - A photo of Niel's Schipper.

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